Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Food Truck Summer

 This was my first summer working in Minneapolis and I am lucky enough to work right on Nicollet Mall where most of the Food Trucks in the Twin Cities spend their lunch.  Thanks to Twitter it is easy to follow and find trucks when you need to get outside for lunch.  I tried a variety of trucks and all were amazing and unique.

Turkey to Go
Twitter: TurkeyToGo
Find them at: Nicollet Mall and 6th or 8th
Favorite Food: Turkey Sandwich (plain)

Turkey to Go was the first food truck I tried out since they are actually open all year long, spending the winter in the NorthStar building food court.  The turkey sandwich is absolutely amazing and jucier than anything you will ever try anywhere else!  In the winter they also have Turkey Wild Rice Soup which is so creamy and delicious.  The food here is simple and straightforward.  You won't find weird names or food that you can only guess what on earth it is.  It is true Minnesota comfort food - proof of which comes from the fact that they are the turkey guys from the Minnesota State Fair.

Dandelion Kitchen
Twitter: dandelionktchn
Find them at: Nicollet Mall between 8th and 7th in front of the IDS Center
Favorite Food: Grilled Ham & Brie

I call their food "fancy comfort food."  They take something like a ham and cheese sandwich and substitute brie for the cheddar, add a plum spread and homemade dijon mustard and that is about the time I start drooling.  All their food is a great combination of new and old flavors.  Every day they have a soda which takes a old flavor like lime and add a new flavor like mint and BOOM you have an amazing soda.  The truck usually has a long line so make sure you get out there early!

Chef Shack
Twitter: chefshack1 and shackattacks
Find them at: always moving, check twitter
Favorite Food: Mini Donuts

The Chef Shack has two trucks, Big Red (chefshack1) and the Donut Truck (shackattacks) which is usually the one close to me.  I am going to go ahead and just say it, their donuts are better than State Fair donuts.  No lie.  These mini donuts have indian spices and must be made from whole wheat flour because they are dark and delicious!  While you're there you have to try the Arnie Palmer (in a cup!) because they make that from scratch and it is fantastic.  I must admit though that I have never tried any of their other food.  The other food is stuff like "beef tongue tacos."  They do have a Bison burgers but it always seems to be sold out when I get there.  I have heard all their menu items are amazing, I just need to get the courage to try it.

Smack Shack
Twitter: Smack_Shack
Find them at: moving along Marquette
Favorite: Classic French Fries

The Smack Shack is the biggest truck I've seen!  They have 5 people working in the truck and two taking money out front.  They specialize in seafood - mostly lobster - which is why I haven't treid any of their main dishes.  I have heard though that the lobster rolls there are the best.  Someday when I bring Patrick there I can give you more info on the food.

Twitter: CupcakeOnTheGo
Find them at: Nicollet Mall and 10th
Favorite: Everything!

This truck is the greatest thing to happen to Nicollet Mall since Target.  Seriously, every cupcake they serve is amazing!  The flavors are always changing and the combinations are wonderful.  The people working are always super nice.  They also serve shots of frosting - which is awesomesauce.  If you follow Twitter closely you'll know when they are giving out free shots if you mention twitter.

Food Trucks on a Thursday when they are displaced by the Nicollet Mall Farmer's Market

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  1. I'm super jealous because I've wanted to try these for a while.

    I will gladly try the weird food and seafood with/for you :)